I live with Photomawf. We collaborate together often under the names Team Useless and Gap Tooth Sweatsuit. We live with our kitty, Thurston Meow in Calgary Alberta.

Jane Trash is a Calgary based artist currently exploring the realm of puppet fabrication and film. Trash's work explores the decline of our cultural value systems. Conflating horror, sexuality, drug abuse, and our own mortality, Trash tantalizes the viewer by revealing such scenarios communicated through the use of crude materials including cardboard, acrylic and found objects. Using humour, sarcasm and shock value, combined with low budget production to convey the message. The immediacy of the materials allows Trash to create quickly without overworking the small details. Puppetry in film provides the perfect platform for Trash, playing off the tension between the childhood recognition of the presentation vs the dark societal discourse.

All Photos on this site are courtesy of Stephen Harper. Unless otherwise Stated.
Jane Trash 

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